Arizona State University Criminal Justice Degrees

If you are looking into expanding your criminal justice college education, then Arizona State University – Tempe may fit your needs with the following criminal justice degree programs:

Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice & Criminology (online)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies (online)
Master’s Degrees
  • Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (online)
  • Master of Arts in Emergency Management & Homeland Security
  • Master of Science in Justice Studies
Doctorate/PhD Degrees
  • Ph.D. in Justice Studies
Certificate Programs
  • Corrections Management Graduate Certificate (online)
  • Criminal Sentencing and Sentencing Advocacy Graduate Certificate (online)
  • Law Enforcement Administration Graduate Certificate (online)
  • Socio-Economic Justice Graduate Certificate
Arizona State University – Main Campus
1151 South Forest Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 965-2100
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  • Shiloe Revae Rich

    Alright so I’m a sophomore and I’m interested in a career in the fields of criminal justice. I’m wondering what classes I should be looking into taking my junior and senior years of high school in order to be somewhat successful in this career field. I would eventually want to be in the position of a homicide detective and i’m thinking that biology 2, chemistry, and those sorts of classes would be beneficial. I keep looking for some good information on the internet about these fields also and I just can’t find anything. Maybe you could suggest some sites I could look at and perhaps tell me about some classes I could look into taking online if my school does not offer them. I would appreciate any and all help you could give me so please write back! Thanks!

  • cara

    Hi. I’m looking for a Ph.d or masters in criminology/criminal justice. I thought ASU had school in Phoenix for this specialization, but the Tempe campus suggests the same. Does the Tempe campus not cover Ph.D’s? Which school provides more? I live closer to the Tempe campus, so I want to make sure I’m looking at the best school.

    • Radek Gadek

      I thought it’s at the Tempe campus. I looked on the ASU website, but I didn’t see the location specifics… hence assuming it’s at the Tempe, AZ campus. I would call the program directly: (602) 496 – 2365 — I think that’s the right number.

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