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If you are thinking about majoring in criminal justice before law school all the power to you. However, you should know that law schools don’t necessarily look for a criminal justice major when looking over the applications. In one of my previous posts I tackled the criminal justice versus law school question in a different [...]

You may wonder how do you become a detective or an investigator? Well, the answer is twofold for those considering a career in law enforcement. If you would like to become a detective, you may want to consider which department you would like to work for, first. Do you want to handle robberies, homicides, car [...]

Throughout my career as a student I often heard this question: why are some online criminal justice programs longer than others? In fact, why are there such differences in online programs anyway? Can’t I just complete my degree program in one year if I would like? Well, all these questions are valid, and the time [...]

It has been suggested that the role of technology is in the forefront of contemporary terrorism. Please discuss further just how this is possible and what possibilities open up to terrorists who choose to avail themselves of such technology. Please be specific in your identification of the types of technology as well as the aforementioned [...]

What basic components or criteria can be used to distinguish terrorism from other types of violence? Some people think that terrorism and criminal violence is the same type of crime, or at the very least, that they have big commonalities.  However, terrorism is not like other violent crimes, and therefore, there are basic components and [...]

There are people out there that are fully confident that the justice system is failing, however they are not aware that there are indications that state otherwise.  In my opinion the judicial system is not failing, but is actually succeeding. As the history of the justice system shows, small incremental steps are responsible for the [...]

Although the corrections system is a viable concept for keeping crime out of the streets, there are differences and similarities when it comes to juvenile and adult corrections systems.  One must consider the age of an adult person is 18 in United States, and often, this is where the line gets drawn between being convicted [...]

I know that the individuals who have tattoos and are venturing into the law enforcement career field may feel that there is a huge barrier for them. It seems that society judges you and imposes penalties for tattoo art. So now you want to become a police officer, a sheriff deputy, a state trooper, or [...]

Community-oriented policing, problem-oriented policing, and “broken windows” policing have been created to aid American police departments in crime prevention within communities these departments serve.  In my opinion, community policing is best defined by the Department of Justice (2003), where it states that community policing is “a policing philosophy that promotes and supports organizational strategies to [...]

Many experts believe that media reports contribute to the “fear factor” experienced by the public during and after a terrorist event.  I think the omnipresence of media venues does make this dilemma more exacerbated but only for a select group of viewers.  As more people become aware of the role of the media, it often [...]

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