Best Criminal Justice Schools in Illinois

Email: Hey Radek, what are the best criminal justice schools in Illinois?

Illinois has a few of the best Criminal Justice schools in the United States; one in a more rural setting and the other can even be called the best criminal justice school in Chicago. Illinois has one of the best university networks in the US, but only a small portion of criminal justice schools can make the best criminal justice universities list.

best criminal justice schools in Illinois

University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) was rated well by US News & World Report’s Criminology program survey. UIC is the best criminal justice school in the Chicago area.

Western Illinois University (WIU) is considered to be one of the best programs in the State of Illinois. It’s also one of the biggest criminal justice programs in the country.

I’ve asked around and made a few phone calls to some of my academic and law enforcement contacts to verify the info. Both of these IL schools are well regarded in academia and the work force.

Please share your opinions or expert knowledge about the top criminal justice colleges & universities in Illinois. If you want to see how I picked these top schools please see the Best Criminal Justice Colleges & Universities page.

Article written by Radek Gadek

Radek holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University. He is currently doing consulting work and runs this blog to provide relevant information on criminal justice degrees, colleges and related careers.

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  • Porter S

    I know of the UIC ranking, but I’ve heard from numerous people that Western Illinois U is definitely one of the top criminal justice colleges in IL.

  • Melissa Strong

    I know of a former CBP employee that got his job right after graduating from Northeastern Illinois University.

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