Boston University Online Masters in Criminal Justice

I attended Boston University while completing my Masters in Criminal Justice Online. I certainly enjoyed the educational journey and I am proud of my achievements. My name is Radek M. Gadek and I am an advocate of online education through highly competitive academic environments, like BU.

My online study started much sooner than Boston University online. In my undergraduate studies I completed my degree through standard college education infused with an online curriculum. I really began to enjoy this new way of studying, especially at the forefront of online education. At that time I only knew of few universities that were fully functioning online academic bodies, and one of them was University of Phoenix. You can see how limited the online educational arena really was. Now, there are hundreds of universities that want your business, and hopefully the opportunity to grant you superb online education. Private schools are not the only big players. State colleges and universities are joining the “game,” too.

Boston University: One of the best educational institutions in the World

Not all online universities are created equal, and this is true for Boston University. As a world renowned educational institution BU received many awards, honors, and accolades throughout its existence for their ability to teach well. I am a living proof that Boston University will expand your criminal justice hunger to more than a job or a career. A change in your lifestyle will commence with every class you complete, especially when you finally hold that precious diploma in your hand. Opportunities will open to you that you never though were possible, but you have to start somewhere. Right?

Criminal Justice Online - Respected, Regionally Accredited, & AsynchronousIf you have a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university and would like to apply into a Criminal Justice degree program at Boston University you should do so only after you check other educational venues that offer similar degree programs. Besides BU, consider these schools in your quest for graduate education online in the field of Criminal Justice:

  • University of Cincinnati Masters in Criminal Justice – One of the best schools in the Criminal Justice arena as ranked by U.S. News (an independent publication)
  • Michigan State University Masters in Criminal Justice – Again, this is a Criminal Justice haven for those seeking a CJ degree and opportunities beyond. Also ranked highly by U.S. News.

I know there are more schools than the ones listed here. I try to stay on top of the Criminal Justice academics with the best online schools have to offer. Any one of these schools will certainly “open doors” of opportunity to career advancement and doctorate studies. If needed, you can check out other online criminal justice schools right on this site.

As of this writing Boston University’s online Criminal Justice Curriculum looks like this:

  • Criminology 602
  • Victimology 625
  • Youth Crime Problems 631
  • White Collar Crime 632
  • Terrorism 650
  • Crime and Punishment: A Conceptual and Ethical Inquiry 701
  • Analytical Methods 702
  • Research Methods 703
  • Forensic Behavioral Analysis 725
  • Criminal Justice Administration 831

You will be able to complete you Masters degree entirely online within 20 months. Each class is about 6-7 weeks long and the criminal justice program at Boston University is very accelerated.

It is graduate level studying at its best. You will be challenged, educated, and ready to tackle anything in your path. Therefore, you should keep yourself up to date with this blog to get more info on Boston University online, essays, tips to surviving and thriving in an online education jungle, and more. Good luck to you!

For direct information on BU’s program please visit Boston University’s Criminal Justice site.

Article written by Radek Gadek

Radek holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University. He is currently doing consulting work and runs this blog to provide relevant information on criminal justice degrees, colleges and related careers.

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  • Rachael Long

    Hey there…great info. Yay for BU Pride :) I’m in finals week for my 8th course at BU. Only 2 more classes to go till graduation. I want to say that my experience at BU has been amazing. It is definitely a challenge but SOO worth it. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a doctoral program in CJ but like you said pickings are very slim online and I have no desire to spend time (and money) on a doctoral education that is worth little in the ‘real world’.

    Thanks for the article.
    Rach :)

    • Radek M. Gadek


    • Paul LAN

      Hey Rachael, congrats on your achievement so far.. Can you tell me a bit about the course itself? What are you hoping to do in terms of career when completed.
      Thanks in advance

  • julie

    Hi, Great information! Thank you for putting this website together. My question, I want to teach criminal justice at the university level. I need my master’s degree (and eventually my PhD) What is the best choice for me in the online master’s degreee programs as far as preparing me for academia and what program/university is most respected by other universities when selecting their teaching staff/professors. thank you! jules

    • Radek M. Gadek

      I would say that academic institutions are still hesitant on hiring those who graduated from online institutions. If you must go that route, I highly recommend picking the best schools and programming available. You gotta pick a Master’s program that you want live with and teach. If an opening for a Criminal Justice professor becomes available then that’s your que (granted you completed a master’s level program in such discipline).

      When you do your Master’s online and a PhD soon after (within the next 5 years or so), I highly recommend that you consider doing your PhD at a great brick-and-mortar academic institution vs. an online one.

  • drew

    Did you do the masters program in criminal justice online at Boston? If so, did you degree say it was a online program or RODP?

    • Radek M. Gadek

      Yes, and No. Your diploma will say no such things. It’s the real deal, just like the one at the brick and mortar location.

  • Olivia

    Hi i was wondering if there are any Criminal Justice degrees at college, not online. And if so what are the best colleges to get a degree in Criminal Justice at?

  • jen king

    Have you heard anything about the MS in CJ at Saint Joseph’s University? Looking at the Behavioral Analysis Specialization

    • Radek Gadek

      I haven’t heard much, yet. But I think the school, as a whole, is worth considering.

  • Paul LAN

    Hi Radek, I’m considering enrolling this semester but am concerned about whether there is a future career? I’m 40 and that already disqualifies me from agencies like the FBI etc. would welcome any comments.

    • Radek Gadek

      I wrote an article that covers this a little bit — check out the comments, too: Is A Criminal Justice Degree Worth It Or Worthless?

  • nasirullah khan

    i like this field and i also done bhi in sociology

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