What Changes Would You Make to the American Judicial System?

What change or changes would you make to the American Judicial System today to improve its overall functioning?

In order to improve the overall functioning of the American Judicial System I would like to make definite changes in the way it is operated.  One such change would be to fully network the judicial system with law enforcement databases.  To illustrate, one of the men that harassed me at my workplace had a warrant for his arrest in an unrelated crime, but due to computer problems he was not placed in custody at the time of the court hearing.  Although in this particular instance he was just trying to remain free for as long as he could, there are criminals that continue their devious ways and harm people due to “discrepancies” with our judicial system.

Based on my other experiences, I feel it is unfair for witnesses and/or defendants/plaintiffs to have to repeatedly come to court when the opposing party is not present or unprepared.  Although there is no way of finding out such things until the court session takes place, I feel that there should be a standard of accountability set in place for these circumstances.  Often times it takes a dozen of people taking days off from work to come to court and find out that the case has been postponed due to ‘unforeseen’ circumstances.  In my opinion, unless the defense/prosecution is not ready to proceed due to unwarranted circumstances, the party should be held accountable for being unprepared.

What changes would you make to the American Judicial System?

Article written by Radek Gadek

Radek holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University. He is currently doing consulting work and runs this blog to provide relevant information on criminal justice degrees, colleges and related careers.

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  • Rich P.

    That judges and lawyers can/will be held accountable for wrongs, and also held accountable by a system that is outside of their judicial system; for they are a family to their own and whether right or wrong they cover for one another.

  • Real Law

    Get rid of it! The damage done in certain communities far outweighs any good it has done over the centuries, past and current. It is broken, beyond repair and if standing decisions were to be upheld, it would be know that it no longer has any authority. There must be no respectful consideration for individuals who keep this system alive. It has only a rule of threat, force, fear, and when those don’t work, the physical beat-down. It is no more than an abominable sink of beastliness and corruption. There may be the few who intend to do that which is good, however all are playing a part in keeping this abominable sink of beastliness and corruption alive.

  • Real Law

    Just so you know, here is a portion of what is happening, and we should all be thankful it is. It gives all of us a greater advantage in defending ourselves against the American justice system.

    1. Alternatives to American law schools, taught only by individuals who have had to learn to do real law for themselves and have won. Those who have had to do real law for themselves and should have won but did not. Reading the information compiled in these pages, you will see it is not a chance worth taking to have to learn from the vast majority of individuals who are teachers in law schools, and those who have graduated from law schools and are practicing members of the American justice system.

    2. A system of information; one that gives to every African American and to anyone who wants, readily accessible information about every police officer in this country, every lawyer, attorney, judge, all selected officials. A system just like the one the police use to look up all information on you. With all the technology we have today, that can and must be done, and must be done, especially in African American communities, where doing this is simply a matter of survival.

  • Pierce March

    First off, I would get rid of judges we already have… All of them.
    Prerequisite would be to NEVER have been a lawyer before..
    Then I would recruit new judges based on their logic and intelligence tests but once again, if was ever a lawyer, would not qualify to ever become a judge as lawyars are criminals.
    Finally, I would give extended powers to the new judges and less to the whining lawyars.. Now they can go complain to their mommies. It would be better off this way.

  • serendipity

    Our legal system now is the #1 bullying system ever! The punishment never fits the crime and people are forced into offers or deals because if they speak the truth they rot in prison. It needs to be completely overhauled and changed immediately!!!

  • Bob Wyman

    The loss of Rights as punishment is wrong. The imprisonment of non-violent drug offenders are in reality political prisoners since Richard Nixon changed the what were at first racist drug laws to target his detractors. The DEA was then formed and in my view are the largest terrorist group in the world. Several countries have banned them. The imbalance of race in society compared to race in prisons shows blatant racism and proves societal problems have not changed. Due process has become a thing of the past. Judges have more power than God and politicians create laws for votes such as “three strikes” laws. The media is biased and controlled by courts and politicians, no transparency. Laws are almost impossible to reverse or repeal. Our leaders will never admit to doing wrong or that something is a failure. Laws are written badly and enforced on those who cannot afford representation. Money buys justice, poverty makes one guilty. Plea bargains are used to intimidate. Juries are not peers and are influenced by media coverage. If illegal items are found in prisons the warden should be automatically jailed just as houses and property are seized when drugs are found in search.. Police seize cash under the guise it must be “drug money” during traffic stops and illegal checkpoints. MADD has no business sentencing an accused person after they are already sentenced.. Lawyers are gougers. Courts violate Rights more than any entity. Police are allowed to lie. Wrong. They trick the unknowing into talking when silence is a Right and they know it and violate that Right daily. A citizen with a legal firearm is instantly treated as a threat and harassed during any routine stop. Creating laws creates crime. There is no rehabilitation in prisons. Career criminals are sociopaths that should be locked up forever but minorities and the poor in prisons should be given what society denied them in the first place. Lawmakers are beholding to lobbyists which creates unjust laws therefore lobbying in any form should be abolished. The courts make as much money off illegal drugs sales as major drug peddlers. Drug sentences are worse than the drugs and public safety has no bearing on keeping anyone but the courts safe. Violent felons fear only armed citizens but armed citizens are punished for defending themselves while police have no duty to protect a citizen.
    That’s a start…

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