CBP Officer – US Customs and Border Protection Officer Career

One of the Department of Homeland Security’s more complex components, US Customs and Border Protection has a mission to keep terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the United States. CBP Officers are tasked with enforcing hundreds of U.S. regulations including drug and immigration laws and for facilitating trade and travel at the same time.

CBP Officers screen all visitors and cargo that enter the U.S. at over 300 land, air and sea ports. By land, sea and air, Officers prevent narcotics, agricultural pests and smuggled goods from entering the U.S.

CBP Officer Requirements

To apply for a position as a Customs and Border Patrol Officer, you must be a U.S. citizen and must be under 40 years of age at time of appointment. The age limit does not apply to those claiming veteran’s preference in the hiring process.

Applicants must pass a medical examination, fitness assessment, drug test and a thorough background investigation. Your fitness level must allow physical duties in harsh environments on some occasions.

CBP Officer CareersCBP Officers deal extensively with the public which makes people skills an important hiring consideration. Applicants should be patient, cool tempered and exercise thoughtful judgment.

Spanish is a requirement. Applicants fluent in Spanish must pass a language test while those who require training in the language will be tested for their ability to learn languages.

US Customs and Border Protection Education and Training

The CBP has one of the most rigorous training programs in the country at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) near Brunswick, GA. For 18 weeks trainees receive instruction in federal law enforcement and border patrol operations. Courses include Immigration and Nationality Law, Detection of Contraband, Defensive Tactics, Criminal Law and Statutory Authority, Spanish, Border Patrol Operations, Care and Use of Firearms, and Anti-Terrorism.

In addition, there are Federal Law Enforcement Center (FLETC) courses in communications, ethics and conduct, report writing, fingerprinting, Constitutional law and computer technology.

However, prior to the FLETC training, CBP Officers will be required to attend approximately one month of pre-academy training at their respective duty station.

Training continues during the one year trial period after a new hire is assigned to a duty station. Examinations are given after completion of 6-1/2 to 10 months of service. Failure to attain a passing grade of 70% is grounds for separation. Throughout the trial year, trainees are rated by Supervisory Agents on their suitability for Federal employment.

Trainees who are not proficient in Spanish will complete an additional 6 weeks of Spanish language and cultural training following completion of the basic training period. To continue as a Customs & Border Protection Officer, new officers are required to pass a series of Spanish tests after joining their duty station (where required).

CBP Officer Salary

Depending on qualifications, including prior education, entry level is at Grade GL-5, GL-7 or GL-9 with promotion possible after completion of the 6 ½ month probationary examination. Base starting salaries range based on the following grade levels: GL-5 ($38,619), GL-7 ($43,964), and GL-9 ($49,029) with the opportunity for a significant amount of overtime pay.

You are eligible for the Federal Government benefits package and also receive a uniform allowance of $1500 annually.

Customs and Border Career Opportunities

Almost 52,000 CBP employees guard 7,000 miles of land border the U.S. shared with Mexico and Canada and 2,000 miles of Florida coastal waters. In addition, the CBP partners with the U.S. Coast Guard to protect 95,000 miles of maritime border.

CBP Officers protect America’s borders at official ports of entry. They pre-screen shipping containers at major seaports to facilitate legitimate trade while stopping high risk shipments.

Officers monitor boarding the U.S. bound flights originating from major foreign airports to prevent criminal aliens from arriving in the U.S. and offer training on U.S. entry requirements.

As a CBP Officer you will also be protecting U.S. businesses from theft of intellectual property and unfair trade practices, collecting import duties and protecting U.S. agricultural resources with inspections at ports of entry.

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Article written by Radek Gadek

Radek holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University. He is currently doing consulting work and runs this blog to provide relevant information on criminal justice degrees, colleges and related careers.

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  • Greg Gonzalez

    When will they start hiring for CBP Officer or Border Patrol.

    • Radek M. Gadek

      Nearly all government agencies hire when there’s a true need for new recruits or in the beginning of each calendar year. Keep track of the CBP website for job postings.

      • Sergio

        Hello Radek:

        I applied for the position of Agricultural Specialist 3 or 4 years ago. I was rejected due to financial issues (background check), at this time I was getting divorce, and had to pay my lawyer, and therefore, I stop paying some bills. I did pass everything else, but this was the only issue that stop me from being hired. I re-apply again on June 2011, and I got the notification letter that I was selected for the GS-9 position. Today I am doing good, I was able to finance my home, buy a car, and paying my bills on time, I even get credit cards offers, but I reject them. My question is if my past rejection due to financial issues could affect me again to be hired for this position?

        Thank you!!

        • Radek M. Gadek

          Sergio, yes your finances, especially those poorly managed, can bite you back when obtaining a law enforcement position. As for the CBP Officer career, I’m not familiar with the way things work in terms of reapplying. If there’s someone here more qualified please reply.

    • Mike Hansen

      CBP is hiring now.

  • Greg


  • E

    I passed the CBP exam and have received multiple e-mails regarding my score. The last e-mail I received was slightly different because it included a page that allows me to update my information. Do you think I would be receiving an application packet shortly?

    • Radek M. Gadek

      Not too sure. It could go either way. They may need the info update to get you going through the app process OR to keep your app on file with the most current data for later consideration.

  • Gee Pomales

    I am interested in the CBP career, but I am over the required age limit. I read the requirements for CBP on-line and it stated the the age limit does not apply to those claiming veteran’s preference in the hiring process.

    It this correct?

    • Radek M. Gadek

      As of today’s date, that’s correct! Everything is subject to change, so I would get in touch with the local office for information in your particular case.

  • natasha

    i would like to know what degree is better in criminal justice in order to become a CBP officer, also is it better to go straight to a 4-year university or a community college.

    • Radek M. Gadek

      I think a Bachelor’s degree is a better choice over a community college (2 year degree). Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Criminology are great choices in my opinion, but other degrees can also be of value.

    • ken

      You do not really have to go to a university to be a cbp officer, entry level requires at least of 3 years of work experience, but if you go to college, a degree is helpful in future promotion. But it does not guarantee a spot for any agency. Remember when you are applying for a agency and take a test, see it as a “competition” where everyone around you has a bachelors degree or work experience.

  • Maxine Moses

    I was intrested in becoming a cbp officer and I currently work for TSA. I had trouble in the past taking the cbp test and passing them, I was wondering if they had a prepartion class for the test.

    • Big John

      Hi Maxine,

      I’m studying to take the CBP Officer test. Right now they are not hiring, however, I’m still studying. I truly believe if you do the same as I am in taking advantage of the time given until the next testing you will do fine.

      Never give up on your dream. From what I see it’s a great job!

  • jessie flores

    i was wondering if i could instead go to the army to get my training can i do that??

    so in 6 1/2 months you’ll be ready for duty?? or what?

  • Jack Leman

    I am about to start my second semester in college and hope to become a cbp officer. I want to major i sociology but wanted to know if that’s a wise choice. Also do cbp officers need prior experiance? such as a police officer or military background?

  • Stefan Trevino

    i applied and passed the border patrol exam and i want to know if i can also apply for the Customs, how would that work out?

  • Greg

    I have a question about the border patrol exam. I took the exam on october 2010 if there any exceptions to retake the test before the twelve months. Thank you Greg.

    • Border Wars

      If you do not pass the test, you have to wait a complete calender year from the time you REGISTERED, NOT FROM THE TIME YOU TOOK THE TEST, to be eligible to retake the border patrol test.

  • silvia z. cesenes

    I took the exam an passed it a couple of years ago, but from what i remember i was over the age limit. I recently read the application process and saw that the age limit was under 40. Is that correct, when did this change occur?

    • Radek M. Gadek

      Looking through their site, I found the requirement to be under the age of 37 NOT 40. I’ve seen this number for many years now. It’s the “magic” number in law enforcement related federal jobs. If an agency increases their age limit, it would only be done to select from a larger pool of applicants.

      • Greg

        You’re right that 37 is the magic number for most federal LE jobs, but agencies can up that number based on their hiring needs. Border Patrol hires until the age of 40.

  • Sileola

    Hi,im not a U.s citizen but a 26yrs old Nigerian and in a couple of months from now i will have my degree in social studies because im a final year student in a university.But it has been my dream to serve under the United State govt homeland security.I came across CBP on the net,and i wish to become of the CBP officers that will guide and protect any of the United State seaports of entry.If there is opportunity for me,all i need to do is to get a visa on my passport and come to the United states and face the CBP test,exams,training,and so on that make to be recruited.Thanks

    • Radek M. Gadek

      You still need a U.S. Citizenship.

      • Christian

        Please respond as accurately as possible: i have a question concerning many people, today i received my score for my written test which was a 92..i need to send papers and all that but my question is..if i have parents with visas but im a US citizen will that affect my chances of being hired as a cbp officer.. Ive been told that they don’t affect by many recruiters and border patrol agents but i still want more info.. Im currently a commissioned security officer which means i carry a pistol and im also a certified dispatcher and currently attending college.. And well that is the only thing holding me back right now.. I live with them on the US but its a current visa i don’t harbor them here because they pay all the bills including the house and utilities i just live with them.. And thank ahead of time

    • Mike Hansen

      Bro. Join NDLEA in Nigeria. Your country has the highest volume of drug smugglers out of Africa. Join Nigerian Customs; they need good people like you. LOL.

  • Javier

    Hi, I work as a Part Time Regular for USPS (Postal Service) from 8/2007, bilingual and BA. I will like to apply to a CBP Officer. Can I transfer from USPS to CBP Officer or I have to apply like everybody else? Can I apply for another federal job when I still work for USPS? I want to make sure, before I apply for another job. Thanks

    • Radek M. Gadek

      You’ll probably have to apply separately, as this is a law enforcement position. However, your present Federal employment status “may” help + your time served (in relation to your pension) should transfer without a hitch. Also, your benefits, as a CBP Officer, will be a little different since it’s a law enforcement position.

      As for the second question, I don’t see why not? Unless you’re a contract employee, I think mostly everyone would agree that it’s normal to look for new career options “when the right time comes.”

  • Jessica

    What materials can be used to study for the CBP officer exam. Is there a specific book that I can purchase or website that I can get more study information?

    Thank you

    • J.Magliocco

      Yes yes yes. Its a border patrol exam book from learning express 4th edition. Its an awesome book and will help you greatly. Go to amazon or borders and you should find it. 19.95 a book.

  • Saul Martinez

    Hi I’m 18 yrs old, I’m still in HS, this is my last year I’ll graduate on June 4th 2010 and I would like to work in the Border Patrol BUT on the “Checkpoint” at San Antonio,TX. What do I need to do ?? What subjects do I need to take in order to be working there??? How many years of college??? is it good 2 years degree???

    • Radek M. Gadek

      When it comes to YOU initially picking your station, you better be one of the best candidates. This includes schooling, as well as, great physical performance and mental health. Even then you’re not guaranteed that spot. Classes in Criminal Justice, Transnational Crime, Human Trafficking, Sociology, Psychology, and any other classes that might have anything to do with your career choice are good. It’s good to have an Associate’s degree, but even better to have a Bachelor’s.

      Here’s the minimum requirement from the CBP.gov website based on Experience or Education:

      Experience – to qualify for a GS-5 grade level position, you must have at least 3 years of general experience that demonstrates the ability to meet and deal with people and the ability to apply a body of facts. You may have obtained this experience in work where you explained administrative requirements and procedures to others or screened forms to ensure proper completion based on requirements. For example, you may have served as a customer service representative, claims adjuster, or information receptionist. Typing, filing, copying, or messenger work is not creditable as general experience. You may substitute education for experience requirements. For instance, a Bachelor’s Degree in any field from an accredited institution meets the requirements.

      Education – If applicants do not have the work experience described above, four (4) years of study in any field leading to a bachelor’s degree in an accredited college or university can be substituted and is fully qualifying for the GS-5 level. For the GS-7 level, one (1) full academic year of graduate education, or a master’s or higher degree is qualifying, or meeting the provisions of Superior Academic Achievement (SAA). See http://www.opm.gov/qualifications/SEC-II/s2-e5.asp#e4f for information on SAA.

      I hope this helps you decide. Good luck.

      • Sergio

        Hello Radek:

        I applied for the position of Agricultural Specialist 3 or 4 years ago. I was rejected due to financial issues (background check), at this time I was getting divorce, and had to pay my lawyer, and therefore, I stop paying some bills. I did pass everything else, but this was the only issue that stop me from being hired. I re-apply again on June 2011, and I got the notification letter that I was selected for the GS-9 position. Today I am doing good, I was able to finance my home, buy a car, and paying my bills on time, I even get credit cards offers, but I reject them. My question is if my past rejection due to financial issues could affect me again to be hired for this position?

        Thank you!!

    • Ted

      Hate to sound like a downer but the San Antonio station is a “retirement” station for the Border Patrol i.e, they don’t send newbies there and you’ll need at least 15 years on the job before even being considered a transfer to that station.

  • kike85

    Hello everyone. Just want to share that i received an email saying that i have to report for CBP officer position exam at a place. Exam lasts approx 4 to 5 hours. I have downloaded the study guide for preparation. Now , i have a question. Do i make a good candidate? i have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and several years of part time job experience and one of the jobs required me to have a firearm(gun shop) and i also speak perfect Spanish. Do i qualify easily for a entry level GS 5?
    and btw this question is for Radek, how long does it takes from Gs 5 pay grade to a promotion of gs 7? and other future promotions.

    • Radek M. Gadek

      You should meet the qualification requirements based on what you are telling us.

      As for questions directed to me, it’s probably better directed at those that work there. I would assume that there’s a waiting period before you can be considered for GS7 promotion (I don’t think it’s too long). From what I remember it’s not that long. In the end, the total chance of getting promoted may depend a lot on your performance and the time spent at the current GS level.

      I would love for someone in the CBP or Federal Law Enforcement to chime in.

      Good luck kike85

    • Mike

      The promotion from GS-5 to GS-7 is automatic after you hit one year of service. Your service time starts from your very first day on the job, I.e. the day you show up for pre-academy. This will be known as your EOD date or your seniority date. Each year you will be promoted until you reach journeyman status which is GS-12 so your promotions will look as follows; GS-5, GS-7, GS-9, GS-11, GS-12. If you start as a GS-5 it should take you four years to reach journeyman status. Once you reach journeyman status you go up in steps each year. So your first year you’ll be a GS-12 step 1 and so on until you reach step 10 and max out as an officer.

  • SamSam

    I have the exam in a week, I downloaded the sample test available online.. If I start practicing the S.A.T. book, would that help? I am also fluent in Arabic, Spanish, & basic Korean language.. Have H.S. diploma & 10 years of working experience no College.. would I be a good candidate? Thanks

    • J.Magliocco

      Bro, study the material they give you over the site.. Get the learning express border patrol exam 4th edition. The logical reasoning is different from SAT questions. You should study bro. A lot of people fail because they dont study thinking the test is a walk in the park when it is not!

  • Kike85

    To SamSam,
    Really, i don’t think you need to study the SAT book. I am pretty sure that the exam is basic knowledge. Check you email, in that email i believe they provide you a study guide like a .PDF file on a link. It is like 25 pages. Basic math that includes fractions (+ – x and / ) and percentage comes too (this one is always a pain)
    really, i dont think its science. but, -this is what i think it will have.

  • J.Magliocco

    Im taking the Border and custom protection officer exam on 12/10/2010 for Michigan. How long does it take them to get back too you when you pass? I am very interested in this and hope I make through? I am a Vet so I get the 5 point preference and I am 37 yrs old but that will not affect me because of my vet status. I know the CBP is hurting for candidates and just wanted to know how long is the process?

    • J Dechene

      I took my CBPO test at COBO in Detroit on Dec 12th. I got my NOR today. I am a 10 Point vet. scored a 91.

      • J.Magliocco

        Hey bro. I just got my NOR back and got an 81 for gs-5 and Gs-7 5 vet points included. I am hearing that vets go first then everybody else? I talked to some guys that work for ICE up here in Detroit and told me that was true. I am kinda pissed I scored an 81 but its above average and I passed. I was told we will get a call but just have to wait. The reason other people may not be getting a call because they may not be vets? Good luck and God Bless.

  • D.Mart

    Hi, I am on my way with the Border Patrol I am currently waiting word on when I will take my PFT2 I have passed everything else though I received a letter congratulating me on passing PFT1 and advising to prepare for second part what I would like to do though is work for Customs instead both jobs are awesome but would prefer customs is there any way of transferring my process or anything like that please help with this thanks.

    • Ted

      There isn’t. The CBPO and the BPA hiring process are two completely different animals and I’d recommend waiting for the CBPO position if that is what you’d prefer.

  • F Nav

    I can no longer find the vacancy announcement. I wanted to verify is this a GS or a GL positions? As I am already a GL-6/2 with DOJ.

    • Mike Hansen

      CBP Officer position is GS. General Services.

  • Josh

    I just took the CBP exam yesterday, and all I can think is how I had a difficult time with the math portion of it. I had to guess the last five, because lack of time. Did anyone else find it somewhat difficult? Also, how long until they get back to us after taking the exam??

  • Mike

    I recently got laid off from a fire fighting job I had for 15 years. I took the test and passed it with an 87%. I haven’t heard anything since, does anyone know what a “good” score is on the test?

    • Ashya

      I have heard of a lot of people getting 95-98 range some 100% and with veteran preference or veteran disability they get well over 100% I had a guy who took it 3 years ago in my test he got a 93 last time and never got picked up so was trying to improve his score

  • marian ortiz

    What website can I go to, to make an appointment for the test to become a cbp officer?

  • bv

    Is there some place to retrieve the CBP test results for December 2010 electronically? I have not yet received anything by mail.

    • J Dechene

      USAJOBS app manager

  • michelle

    Will they be opening up applications in 2011 for border patrol or cbp officer?

  • Jeff W

    I just got my Notification of Results today with my rating listed as 97, hoping to hear something about a selection letter soon.

    • J.Magliocco

      I talked to one of my friends here in Detroit who happens to be CBPO. He said that his union received a letter stating that no hiring will occur for at least a year.. He was confused because they are really short handed.. I am in for the long haul.

  • oscar

    I took my test about a two months ago, and I took it with my friend, and she already received her test results. She did not pass, and up too date I haven’t received my result. I only received a summary e-mail about a week after taking my test, telling me what to do if I passed or not. I was wondering if there’s a number or a website to check my status?

    • J.Magliocco

      Yes. Call 1-612-467-7027 Ext 2

  • jay

    i took it Dec 8th 2010 and i still haven’t received an email or notice. and i think i did really good in that test. probably had trouble with only 2 or 3 questions. sucks. i really want this job.

    • May

      I took the test on the 5th of Dec. and I received an email titled “Notice of Results” on the 1st of Feb. Maybe you’ll receive it soon?

      The email is a bit confusing to understand, which is our score? Is it the rating under grade?

  • Greg

    Hi i have a question about the border patrol exam. I took the exam on october 2010 but i didnt pass. i was a 37 years old now i am 38 so when i am going to apply again in october i qualify or i am to old? I saw that the age limit is before your 40 birthday that’s correct?

    • J.Magliocco

      The age limit is 40. If you are a vet it doesnt apply

  • Xavi

    Got a 98 on this but I’m not going to hold my breath, I really want the position but I imagine once they do start hiring, they will hire for the southwest region.

  • charles

    I got my test results for a cbp officer Jan 25, 2011, and I got a rating of 85. When do you think I will hear for the next step in the interview process? Also I live in the south in new orleans…

    • ken

      It is a long process, expect months to maybe a year or two, patience is key, the quickest thing you hear is to conduct a fitness and medical and then it takes (again) months to a year or so. Patience

  • David Ochoa

    hi i am 25 years old.. i was a manager at a car wash for 5 years so i have clerical or office experience plus customer service experience. i will like to become a cbp? what do i have to study or what bachelors do i need.. or what job experience do i need..?

    • ken

      check cbp.gov occasionally, or create profile with usajobs.gov, click search agents and when there is a opening, you will be notified via email. 3 years work experience is qualifying at entry level, any 4 year degree is qualifying at entry level. 3.0 GPA or higher is slightly higher salary at entry level. Regardless, you have to take a 4-5 hour test, you pass, it may take a 1 or 2 b4 you get hired (if you pass everything, medical, fitness, interview, VBT, background, credit, etc) Therefore, create a profile at usajobs.gov, and check cbp.gov daily, and under career section, you learn more.

      • Radek M. Gadek

        Great advice, Ken!

  • mike

    I applied for CBP last August for Arizona. All of my stuff is already done from a previous application, but I had to reapply for other reasons. I scored a 91 on the exam plus I have 10 veteran preference points. The last time I called and asked which was about the beginning of February I was told not to call back and the Minneapolis hiring center will call me because there were thousands in front of me. Now the way they explained it was the veterans preference points dont really put you at the top of the stack. Which with all my requirements done except the PFT1&2 I believe it. However shouldn’t it put you at the top of the stack with the different acts the government has put in play for “disabled Vets”? Is the Minneapolis Hiring Center hiring the way they have been ordered to by law? I have many questions and concerns regarding this issue.

    • ken

      Reason you had to re-apply is because they changed the test and some issues in the hiring process, including now mandatory Video based testing, there’s now about 25,000 applicants nation-wide and just expect that it is going to be a long while before you hear anything. Just important to stay out of trouble and be a professional, with a score of 91, you are in the pool rank for sure, but the hiring process WILL take about 1-2 years, don’t stress it and just live your life, check email on a weekly basis.

  • Anthony

    Scores came via email Jan 25th, got a 99 rating for GS-5/7 (5 point vet preference included), listed Newark as my preference. Wonder if or when someone will call.

    • Tom

      It will be a while. It took me over 2 years from the date I took the test and finally got hired. Heard some guys were on the lost for 4 years. So just plan as if it’s not gonna happen soon.

      • ken

        Tom is right, don’t plan for anytime soon that you are going to get hired. Process takes 1-2 years to get hired. Just live your life and you may (or may not) get a call for a long while. But do check your email on a weekly basis at least.

    • ken

      the hiring process WILL take about 1-2 years, don’t stress it and just live your life, check email on a weekly basis. about 25,000 applicants are currently being filtered out nation-wide and just expect that it is going to be a long while before you hear anything. Just important to stay out of trouble and be a professional. with a score of yours, I believe that your in good shape, as stated earlier, don’t expect anytime soon, process is long. . . .. very long. . . .

  • Tom

    I passed the pft2 and have an academy date, and will be reporting in soon. I recently got a speeding ticket. Will this affect my employment with CBP? Will it affect my 1 year probation?

    • ken

      Not necessary, depends on case by case basis, you learn in your ethics class that you do have to report anything that happens to you (including a speeding ticket) but since you are a pre-hire, I suggest you get it taken care A.S.A.P. before it comes and bites you in the behind. Remember you are a professional, at work, outside of work, and of course, before work. So just take care of this issue A.S.A.P.

    • Moy

      So Tom did that ticket affect you’re employment in anyway? Am in the same situation?

  • Ted

    Does anyone know if CBP will offer an applicant a position at a port that wasn’t their selected port or is the applicant pigeon-holed to that ONE port? I applied and took the CBPO test back in Nov (I am currently a Border Patrol Agent) and was somewhat miffed that it only allowed one location selection because there are about 20 different ports that I’d be thrilled to work out of.

  • d

    If I made a 81 on the cbpo test will I be selected and when

    • Ted

      I’d recommend retaking the CBPO exam. Rumor has it that you need to score at least a 90 to even land on the radar these days for CBPO/USBP.

      • J T

        Not true, I scored an 80 on the test, I am in the mid-final states of pre-employment – background check, potential polygraph test.

        • AM

          I got a 72 and I am scheduled for a poly next week. Score doesn’t matter as long as it’s above 70 :D

  • Julio Torres

    im 19 and im really interested in becoming a cbp officer but i don’t have the kind of money to be able to attend a good college or university to earn my bachelors, the best i can do right now is get my associates in criminal justice at a community college that isn’t really ranked so high in California but thats what i can afford.. i heard that if they were to see where i got my degrees they would just take one look at it and toss it to the trash.. my plan was to get my 2year degree and become a police officer/sheriff/or tsa for experience and then transfer to cbp officer or border patrol agent..but im not sure how good that plan may be so bottom line i just want some advice on what i should do in this situation or if my plan was any good?? pleas help

    • choonky

      Hey, Torres don’t worry, you have a year to get your stuff together, believe it or not a lot of law enforcement value field or work experience as much,if not more than a degree, so I suggest you get a job if you don’t already have one and keep going to school, apply to multiple departments around you 20th birthday because you need to be 21 on the day of appointment at most, and use these departments and their experience as your stepping stones. Good luck!

      • Border Wars

        To become a CBP Officer you have to be 18 and not 21. 21 YOA only applied to state, county and local PD departments.

  • Alejandro Zatarain

    Could i still be hired if i failed one of the events in my physical like the step test. I missed like one minute.

  • Rick James

    i completed the G-5 form correct i know i did i was just wondering what does the quals cutoff date mean??? this is in the TO packet by the way.

    In order to determine your qualifications for the Border Patrol Agent position, I need you to complete the attached forms. If you previously completed these forms, the information you provided was too brief and/or was not fully completed, or was after the quals cutoff date of 9/30/10

  • d

    Can u re-take the cbpo test if u passed. To get a better score

  • choonky

    Check your spam for letters guys! A lot of my friends and I emails during the hiring process ended up in spam. Yes they will still hire you if you score in the 80s, no they will not make exceptions under a year to retake the test, yes all components of the pft1 need to be passed for further consideration. It is a Federal job and they want and need the best of the best. Good luck everyone! Females work extra hard because their fitness standards are the same for both sexes, unlike say the military.

  • Ruben

    I passed the test with a rank of 89. I would like to re-take the test and score higher. Can i do that or do i have to wait a given amount of time before i can re-test?

  • sabrina

    if you take the CBPO test and passed and are now in the pre-employment process but you are pregnant due at the end of july and your first fitness test is in july as well, will your offer be dropped completely or could they hold off on the physical test for like 30 days?

  • Rick

    I took the cbpo a few months ago (back in march’11) and received a nor email within 2 weeks. I passed with a 82. Since then, I’ve received several emails including packet 1, packet 2, and e-qip. All which needed to be completed and submitted within ten days of email deliverance. I am a veteran and do possess a secret clearance.I’m also fluent in spanish and currently 9 classes away from attaining an associates degree(Criminal Justice). My question is, is it possible for mhc to be processing my application based on the need for cbpo’s? or bc of my qualifications?

    Just seems that everything is being expedited (so far).. Is this normal? Doesn’t seem like everyone is getting the same feedback.

  • Nora Zapata

    I am currently working for TSA, but I’m over the age limit-37. I know the age limit for border patrol is 40 and for CBP is 37. I sent an e-mail to a BP recruiter, but the response was not helpful. Does anybody know where can I get information about it?

    • Suzanne

      I think you just answered ur own question

  • Darpan Ghai

    hi guys,

    i am new to this site, had a quick question on the CBP Officer exam i will be taking on july 25th. I was looking through there logic reasoning in the CBP Test prep packet online and i notice most of the questions just ask you to figure out the conclusion. I wanted to know for the exam, do they ask questions of the same type or is there any assumption questions ?

    would appreciate any help


    • Chad Melkus

      Yes the questions are similar in style. Study that packet, especially the math section. That was the hardest for me on the test. Lots of word problems.

  • Nancy


    I will be taking the CBP officer exam on July 20th and have some questions. Besides the study guide, is there a book that I can buy to study? What is the passing score? For the credit check, is there is minimum credit score you need to have to pass? Would appreciate your help.


  • Rhina Castro

    I am a 17 year old high school graduate am i eligible for a job position with the CBP? Do i have to do any college time? What is the percentage of getting a job soon in the state of Florida? Thanks for taking time to answer my questions! :)

    • Border Wars

      To be employed with CBP you have to be at least 18 yoa when you apply for the position other wise they will not consider you. Florida has some of the biggest sea ports in the United States so it is very probable that they need many CPB Officer there. It just a matter of choice where you want to work, Airports or Seaports. They will give you a choice.

  • michael thompson

    do you have a choice of where you want to work for CBP. See I live in chicago but I am from New York City. I would like to know if where is a good chance that I will be able to work CBP at one of the airport in Chicago, IL. I work at the Airport and I do see a lot of CBP officers working at the airport that I work at. Plz get back to me

    • Border Wars

      One of the good thing about the modern CBP is that they WILL let you make a choice where you want to be stationed. They will make their best effort to place you the closest possible to where you want to work and reside.

  • Terry

    I have done everything including my background check. The BI investigator said it was sent to adjudication. How long does it take for them to contact you after that?

  • Luis


    I took the exam on oct. 2010. Had passed interview, medical & fit test and background investigation. Does anybody knows what comes next? I had a master’s degree and qualified for grade 7. What are my chances?

    • Border Wars

      If you already went though all those requirements, dont be surprised if you are called within the next month or so. Sounds like you already took care of the hiring process. It should not be long before you leave to the academy.

  • Salvador Perez

    I was told there is a good book to study for CBP made by the U. S. Marshals that has all the information that is on the test. My question is, what is the name of that book? Or what is another good study guide to be sure I pass the test with a high score?

    • Border Wars

      There is a very good study guide out there that can help you get a good score on this test. “Customs and Border Protection Officer (Career Examination Passbooks)”. You can find it in major book stores or in Amazon.com for about $80-40 US. A little pricy but worth it if you wanna pass the exam.

  • Joe

    Hi, all!

    I took the CBPO exam last month and got my results. I passed with a score of 81. I have no veterans preference points, but according to the guidelines, I qualify for what they called “superior academic achievement”. Can anybody tell me what I should realistically expect about my chances of getting hired? It seems like they’re kind of slim based on other posts here. Also, they sent my results via e-mail and asked me to send them any changes to my contact information. I know it says it takes 3-4 weeks to process, but should I have gotten some sort of confirmation e-mail that they received the response? I sent them an e-mail asking that but they never responded to that either. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you,

    • Suzanne

      Just email them again, it takes them about 2-3 days to respond on a good day. The line is long, so meanwhile just keep on working and keep on looking for other jobs. Depending on the location you applied for, it could take years, I know of a co-worker that applied to San Francisco CBP and he waited 4 years to hear back from them; meanwhile every year he had to retake the physical tests and such. Once you start the application process, you don’t have to take the written exam again, however if you already done the physical tests and such, you do have to retake them (they expire in each year).

      • Joe

        Thanks! I actually just got a response from them today saying that I am active in the inventory. I’m just crossing my fingers that I eventually receive the TS letter. I applied to the Southwest location; it said there were many vacancies available, so I guess I look at that as a good thing.

  • Chad Melkus

    Hi I was looking for information about the us customs officer basic training. How different is it from boot camp in the military, does anyone know? And anyone have a idea on what Spanish words/vocab etc I should be studying to help myself out for the test?

    • mariel

      for the spanish portion, according to their website it says that even people who think they are fluent in spanish find the test difficult, so most people tend to just go with the spanish courses and are just based on their ability to learn the language.

  • Amahirany Villa

    Why can’t you be older than 40 years old to be a CBP officer?

    • mariel

      because retirement is after 20 years, and u can’t be older than 57. so 57 – 20 = 37, making 37 yrs old the cut off age. seems like a random age to me, but thats what they have written on their page.

  • Mr. Jones

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to know how long does it take them to call you after they have just finished a background investigation. I already passed all the exams and just finished meeting with my investigator this week. I have a bachelors degree and currently work as a teacher. I really hope I get the job. Good luck friends!

  • uh60mech

    I took the exam a year ago in October (passed 98% +5pt vet). Since then, I have taken and passed the Medical Exam, PFT1, Oral Interview and Urinalysis. I have received a “Conditional Offer of Employment” at the GL-7 level. My Back Ground Investigation was completed last month (Sept 2001). I am still waiting on the results from that. I am in the accelerated hiring process, due to my combat time. Anyone have any idea how much longer it should be until I hear something? Thanks.

  • mariel

    so i took the exam on sept 3, and received the NOR on the 23rd. is it normal to get the results this fast? i was expecting to have to wait at least until october. it says my rating is 100, and i didn’t have veterans preference. is that my score? I’ve always been good at taking exams, especially when they are pretty generic exams, but i didn’t think i did THAT well.. so I’m just wondering to make sure I’m not reading the NOR wrong.

    • Steven H

      I would like to know how do I apply to take the CBP exam? I do live in New York City so would this affect me from taking the CBP exam? I don’t have no college credits or even go to college can I still become a CBP officer? My last question is I want to be in law enforcement period, so I am looking to take police test that don’t nasally need college does anyone know where in new york or outside NY? Thanks

      • Mariel

        Go to usajobs.gov and check for customs and border patrol officer in the search. It will show you in what areas of the country they are hiring. You do not need to have gone to college nor do you need any college knowledge to pass the exam, but it helps in the sense of having test taking skills and basic math knowledge.. But other than that the answers are found in the question. I found the exam easy, but they do have a study guide to help you understand the types of questions they ask. It’s VERY helpful. If they are hiring in your area you will most likely take the exam in your area. I had to fly out to Atlanta for my exam -_- but that’s cuz that was the only area available when I applied.

  • johnathan fernandez

    ok i’m a former BPA who resigned for family matters and moved back to miami, I took the CBPO test back in 12/2010, and passed with a 96, my friend scored below me but starts the academy now on Oct 14th, we both have the same security clearances and BI done with our current job but I had to go through a vetting process, that headquarters is still doing apparently since Feb 2011. My question is does anyone know how long this process takes, and/or whom i can contact to get an update,

    • Mike Hansen

      Please contact the Minneapolis hiring center.

  • Mike Saleh

    Hey everyone,

    I took the Border Patrol Exam in Nov 2010 and passed with a 77. I haven’t received anything other than a Notice of Results. I then took the Customs and Border Patrol Exam in Aug 2011 and got an 80. Do you guys think I need to retake the exams to get a better score? I am not a veteran and already have my associate’s degree in criminal justice. I would rather be a Customs Agent than a Border Patrol Agent. Please advise on what I should do. Thank you.

    • I would suggest you take the examination again as the “cut off” scores are very high for OBPA. There is an announcement open on usajobs.gov until 10/27/11.

      Please note that the USAJOBS website has changed.
      http://www.usajobs.gov is the new address.

      CBPO “cut off” scores also start very high, so when an announcement is open again I would suggest you re-apply.

      Good luck and be safe.

  • Sara

    Hey everyone,

    I just received the results for my CBP written test. I got an 80. Is that a good score? because I feel like i needed 95+ to be considered for a job offer…
    Please let me know!

    Sara :)

    • You may want to test again, when you are able too. The cut off for the first round usually starts in th 90s. However 80 is a good score, but the MHC may not get to you immediately.

  • JT

    Hello all,
    Just a quick question or two for anyone who may be able to assist. I am currently a BP agent, I tested for the CBPO position in 12/2010 and have a mid to upper 90’s score. I was told my file is in Washington D.C. and that I am being vetted as all current DHS employees have to go through this process. My file has been there since 05/2011 and I haven’t heard a thing. All MHC will tell me is that they have no idea what is going on and how Washington handles things. Any thoughts? Secondly, I was just reviewing my info. on the application manager website for this position during which I found a discrepancy. The website shows that I said I have had drug usage in the past 37-72 months. This is not the case, and I know that I did not answer the question that way. When I called MHC, they advised they could not change it and that I must have answered the question that way and will have to explain it later. My concern is that this is holding up my process. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  • J.T.

    Hey I’ve applied to Customs back in November of 2010. I’ve completed everything besides the drug test. My background, Qualifications, and drug test has been pending for several months now. This is a long process so be patient everyone.

  • miamibob

    If you receive an offer to start the academy with customs are you required to take it or can you pass and stay active to be selected for a future vacancy?

    • Mike Hansen

      You can delay about 2/3 weeks. If you pass the offer, they will put you at the bottom of the hiring list. So, take the offer or take the test again.

  • ed

    short and simple. i did not pass my bp exam, am devastated with the news. :(
    what exactly does “rating: IA” mean?
    by the looks of it i got a low LOW grade. :/
    this is going to be a long year

  • MD

    What is the CBPO pre-academy? Three months pre-academy, four months FLETC, and two months Spanish classes.

  • Danny

    Is there any way to go around taking the Physical fitness exam?

    • Mike Hansen

      No my friend. You have to be physically fit. You represent the country before all foreign people. You have to arrest violators of immigration and customs laws. You can’t let them out run you. LOL.

  • Casey Fain

    How strict are they on credit back ground. Will they disqualify for bad credit? How much debt are we talking about? I am about 1000 dollars in debt to collections but plan to fix it. Also when they send your score, is the 10 point veteran preference not added at that time or do they give you the score you will receive once the points are added? Oh and does spouse credit background come into play with investigation? I thank anyone who may have some feed back.

    • Mike Hansen

      I have seen people with bankruptcy got hired with proper explanation. You should try to fix it before the back ground investigation. Yes your spouse credit is also important. If you can’t keep your family finances in check how can you hold a position of public trust?

  • Mark Dodson

    I checked my CASS and seen I have a green check-mark next to the fitness portion, but my medical says still pending. How long do you have to wait for clearance or notification on the medical?

  • Ajay Jimason

    Does anyone here know any CBP Officers? I’m seeking retired and former CBP Officers for our Border Management Task Force Program. Pays $190+K Annually!!! If you know of anyone, Call Me Now-“A.J.”571.289.0564
    Yes, there are referral bonuses!!!

  • Elias Cabrera

    Where can I find the books used at the Border Patrol Academy to start studying before going to the Academy?

  • David H

    Can someone tell me if a bachelors degree obtained in another country ( Mexico ) valid? My wife would like to apply to become an custom officer. She worked several years as Mexican custom agent and is now working for a private export company here in the states. She’s got around 12 years or so experience in export / import matters.

  • JR

    Im going through my background check with CBP. My wife’s family is from Mexico and have proper citizenship. They do not know we are married. My question is will CBP request to contact them?

  • Edd

    Hello everyone, I have the same question as David H, I also obtained my bachelor´s degree in Mexico, but I´m a US citizen, I was born in the US but lived almost all my life with my parents in Mexico cause they had their jobs back there and were really never interested in living in the US. So now I´m 23 years old and looking for a job. I recently graduated and got my bachelors degree and I´m really interested in working for the CBP. I think its a great job. I used to live in a border town so both my English and Spanish are excellent. My question is, in my situation is it possible for me to get into the CBP? Hope anyone of you can answer my question.. thanks in advance..

    • Mike Hansen

      You have to evaluate your foreign degree from a govt. approved company, such as WES.org. You will need that report when you submit your paper work. Good luck.

  • tiger

    I have completed my written med/physical exam and also sent College transcripts. Currently I hold a AA and BS Degree in Criminal Justice. Tommorow I have my VBT exam hopefully that clears and my drug test and background clears. With hard work and dedication everything is possible.

  • Radek M. Gadek

    Ken, J.Magliocco, Mike Hansen and other helpful individuals, have taken the liberty to post something informative or answer many questions here.

    Please take care to read the post and the comments before posting further questions. In all likelihood, you’ll find your answers there.

    Saying that, we welcome other questions, and always, helpful tips.

    Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to respond. We all appreciate it.

    • ken

      I congratulate you Radek for providing everyone with an excellent and informative site. In addition, we are all connected in one way or another locally, and nationally because for those who are studying criminal justice. We become productive, pro-active, public servants in whatever field, institution, job position and agency we choose.

  • Robert

    How do I know if my work experience qualifies me for G-5 ?? I was a warehouse supervisor for three years, and then promoted to Warehouse Office Manager for the last two years… Which is less hands on and more paperwork…. any help

  • Ricardo

    What about a military disqualification??? Will that be taken in consideration???

  • renee

    How long after passing the CBP Exam do you attend the training camp program?

    • Jimmy

      about 10 months

  • Jimmy

    I had passed everthing and was offered jobs :(GS-5) in several locations. However i only need a few more courses to get my Degree.l They were able to pospone my employment for that reason since i wasant currently taken those courses. So i Reapplied and they most of the things i already did. My question is will have to go through another background check, or will they use my prevouse background i passed? From when i reject the postion to when applied was only a month that passed by.

  • G. Olguin

    I have two questions. I have a parent who is currently in jail for two felonies. Will that affect my eligibility to become a cbp officer? Also I have single sided deafness but I don’t need a hearing aid for the working ear and I’m about to graduate with my bachelors so it hasn’t affected me academically or socially. Will it affect my eligibility still?

    • Net

      The fact that your parent is in jail, is not your problem, unless you took part in his his activities. Unfortunately, my advice is that you limit your communication with that parent. Maybe to just writing back and forth. What your family members do or don’t do, does not preclude you from being able to get hired. Be honest about everything, especially your family. Be prepared to answer their questions, and some will be uncomfortable.

      State your disability. By law you are required to have an accommodation, not denied. If the condition, however will prevent you from carrying out the duties as required, it may have an impact. That’s the silver lining. In some cases, it can be an advantage.

  • J.Ramirez

    Hi Radek
    I just have a question, I started the process for a CBPO position in the west coast (was the only choice available) passed the qualifications, the pre-employment forms, structured interview, and fitness test #1, waiting to get clear for my medical exam (since I use glasses need it a release from a specialist), waiting on my drug screening & background investigation to be scheduled (already did the polygraph). I wanted to know what would happen if I get pregnant before receiving my notification letter? Would they drop my application?

  • David

    CBP Officers DO NOT go to Artesia NM for training. That is Border Patrol. CBP Officers go to FLETC in Brunswick GA (also known as Glynco). The school is about 5 months to include a 6-week Spanish class for those assigned to SW border ports of entry. Spanish is not required for other locations. As far as I know, CBP Officers do not re-test in Spanish. That is a Border Patrol requirement, though.

    • Radek Gadek

      David, thanks for the update. I did some checking and I made adjustments where needed. Now, this article is up to date — this includes current salary information.

      • Michaelangelo

        Hi, some months ago I left a comment here with some questions that I had on how to become a CBP Officer, seems like my comment was deleted, I don’t know why. I just wanted to know if in order to become a CBP Officer you have to get a criminal justice degree or could it be any other degree? AND when are they going to start hiring?


  • Stephanie Lizbeth

    I’m really interested in becoming a Immigration and Custom Inspector / Border Patrol agent . I live in San Diego California and heard I have high possibilities of getting hired when applying due to being close to the busiest borders (Mexicali, Tecate, San Ysidro, and Otay.) I’m currently done with HS and plan on attending a community college for a year. Then transfer to San Diego State University for a criminal justice bachelor’s degree although Kaplan College has me thinking. Since Kaplan offers criminal justice certificates for 9 months of schooling. If I do stay at the community college would Human trafficking, drug smuggling, or law enforcement increase my chances of getting hired ? If not what should I major in ??!!! Thank you for your time :-)

    • Net

      You can have a degree in communications, and still get hired. The degree is irrelevant. Its the fact that you have one, that matters.
      However, you actually don’t have to have a degree. As long as you have the minimum age qualification, and you pass the written test, you are golden. Study something that if you are not hired, you can use in other careers.

  • Eduardo

    Im a US citizen but I was raised in Mexico can I apply for CBP?

    • Net

      Yes. You are a US Citizen. You will just have to pass all of the requirements as other applicants. The only thing with you, is that your background may take longer than normal because you lived abroad. That will require investigators to have to travel internationally to gather your information. You will just have to be patient.

  • Isaac

    I live in laredo tx but i dont want to stay here for CBP of low pay, where can be a great place in the state of texas not far away from home where i can have a good annual salary with my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. ?

  • Andrew

    Hi, I have a question regarding the vet points. I was enlisted in the Marine Corp for 6 months. During that time i received a first class pt score, expert rifle badge and swim qual 2. My discharge code is 4 i received the national defense ribbon because everyone got it. I was told that the fire-watch ribbon is 5 points. Is that true? And do i qualify? My DD214 reads honorable under medical condition.

    • Net

      You would only qualify for the general Veterans points qualification, which is 5 points. The only way to secure an additional 5 for a total of 10, is if you are a disabled Veteran. Meaning, you were disabled while in the course of war while enlisted.


    Hi. I’m active Army and 42 years old. If I get hired after discharge (ETS) next year, can I work 20 years and retire? Max. age limit is 37. But, it doesn’t apply to veteran. My question is this. “If they hire me as a veteran at age 43, what is gonna happen to my retirement plan?” Thank you.

    • Net

      If you are referring to your Military retirement plan, you can and will continue to receive it. In regards to the FED GOV pension, you will qualify as as soon as you meet your minimums. So in a nut shell, you start over. 25 years..no earlier than 55 years old to collect. In your case, you will not qualify for FED Pension until you are about 67.

  • Net

    Does anyone know, after the interview with the investigator, how long after do get to start? Also, if you don’t pass your background check, do you find out right away?

  • angelina

    Does anyone know when CBP will be hiring for 2013?

    • May

      I received the tentative selection letter/email earlier this month. So as far as I know, at least those rounds made it. As for the open application process, it may be a couple of months from now?

  • Lauren

    I was just curious.. My husband has applied for Customs and so far he has passed everything. Right now we are just waiting for the job offer phone call. I however have a question.. He was emailed a form that he still had to fill out and they said once it was faxed back he would get a confirmation email and his folder would be sent to the hiring and training center. He faxed his form, called to make sure it was received (they said it was) but he still has not received his confirmation email… is this a problem? or will it just take a little while??

    The “pre-employment forms” section on CASS still says pending too… any ideas??

  • Greg

    I have a question about the border patrol. I passed the test last year I was a 38 years old, now I am 39 and I turn 40 on january of 2013 because I too the test and passed I am able to get the TSL LETTER. Thank you Greg.

  • Albert V.

    Hi, I’m in the process for CBP and I’m about 4 months in. Took written exam 8/23/12 and scored a 93. I am about half ways through the hiring process. My case has just been submitted about 2 weeks ago to IA on the last week of 2012. My PFT1 is done, as well as medical and VBT and SI. I’m waiting on drug test and my polygraph. My questions are 1). How long will my background investigation be from this point? 2). How often are academy classes and who knows if there is a point when they stop filling them?

  • robert

    Hey can a bachelors degree in psychology be accepted for a cbp officer with no experience in law enforcement what so ever do you have to be a border patrol agent first?

  • Sean d

    I am 36 and just got an email for the next step for the first physical and background check etc. I am currently in a foreclosure process and have some credit card issues. Should I short sale my house to improve my credit issues or continue on with the foreclosure and explain my circumstances during the interview process?

  • Landon Perry

    Hey everyone, I’m interested in a career with CBP. I enlisted in the US Army in late 2006 and got chartered out in 2008 with a 14/12 C (misconduct) for going AWOL. Stupid rookie mistake I know, I know. Since then I’ve matured as have a son now. I have a year of prison guard experience (TDCJ) — graduated academy with honors — in Texas as well as over a year of armed security. What are the requirements under a General Discharge? Never got into trouble in the military besides AWOL.

  • marco valdivia

    hi i just got my date on my PT1 exam and my VBT interview and i want to know how i can prepare my self for the VBT interview. thank you!

  • david fuentez

    I currently have my test in april, Im also in the process of bankruptcy. would it affect me in any way?

    • Tanner

      Yes, Any financial issues you have will affect you. You not being responsible with balancing your financials will keep you out. Makes you a prime target to bribe.

  • Matt

    Took the written sept’10 for BP
    Completed everything. According to cass system update my case is still in the security office…whatever that means. It’s now April of 2013. No priors, no legal trouble, no issues. Both parents are cops. Even they wonder. What the heck is taking so long. Last year 10/2012 I took my written for CBP, nothing was sent as far as paperwork goes, but again according to cass system they’re apparently using the same documents from my BP application.

    • R Stanley

      I applied for CBPO and they move even slower, I just heard they where hiring me a year ago , I have BA in CJ and prior law enforcement exp. I scored very High on the exam also. They are just slow, I am hoping the interview and agility testing etc goes comes and goes fast from here. I understand they have a great need for officers in both the North west and Mid west and as always the south west.

    • Chris

      Hey Matt, I find myself in the same situation. I have prior military service and took the BP test during my leave time while deployed to Afghanistan in 10/2010. After talking the test I went back to Afghanistan, did a few more months there and came back home on 05/2011. During that time BP put my application on hold. Upon my return I let the hiring center know right away that I was home and continued with the application process. I submitted my pre-employment forms, completed the medical portion and the PFT1, the oral interview, submitted my e-qip for my background investigation and was subsequently interviewed by an investigator in regards to my background investigation on 08/2011. It is now 06/2013 and ever since I’ve been waiting for them to contact me. Every time I check the CASS website it shows that I am pending my drug test (which I haven’t taken yet) and that my case is in the security office. I recently came to find that they’ve added a few requirements to the hiring process like a video test or something like that. I also know that the requisites in order to get hired like the written exam, the interview, medical and the PFT’s expire after a certain time. Mine apparently haven’t expired since it shows those requirements on CASS as successfully completed. Every now and then I contact the hiring center and ask them about my status but all they reply is that they are still working on my BI and can’t give me any specific information. All this long wait is driving me crazy, this is the job that I’ve always wanted ever since I was a kid. Does anybody have any suggestions or comments on what to do?? I appreciate your help guys.

  • andrew

    What kind of drug test is given when applying? Does CBP provide their own drug tests?

  • R Stanley

    I took the CBPO exam in late may of 2012. I was asked to change my geographic location back in late april. The yesterday 5-15-2013 I received an email from CBPO saying I was selected for conditional employment, and that I would now begin the six phase process for official employment. This includes another test, a interview, a physical, 2 agility tests, a detailed background investigation and then a offer. How long does it usually take to get through all of this? Also in regards to background checks, I have a low credit score due to young credit and student loans that are currently up to date, I am also never late or delinquent on my bills and credit card payments. Should I be ok?

  • Xavier

    I currently work for CBP, been working for them for a little less than a year. Are you guys aware of how you can request a transfer, especially a hardship transfer?…home is 2.5 hrs away (reside in city I work). Only child, and mother’s health is deteriorating, no husband (active disability application…no benefits yet, waiting on notice). Maintaining literally two residences (renting/ mortgage).

    What do you guys think!…Let me know, I’ve tried to research such info, and can’t find anything relevant.

  • George

    Does the Cbp officer Position get LEO Pay or just the Standard GS Scale Pay? Im in Miami FL and theres a pretty big difference I believe starting pay at the regular GS Scale is like 15.88 As oppose to 19.88 LEO Scale?

  • Michael Hall

    I have wanted to be in some law enforcement service position for my whole life. I am going to be 42 in December 2013 and also have child abuse on my record from giving my child a spanking. Is there anything out there for me knowing my age and my record. I don’t consider myself a bad guy at all and neither do my wife or kids. I am just eager to do service and have always been.

  • Angel

    Hi! I took the test about 8 months ago, and around 5 months later I received my NOR which was a 92 without any vet points. I have a degree in Criminal Investigation, and 12 years of law enforcement, currently working as a cop with experience in narcotics (undercover), illegal firearms, vice, etc., I’m 36 and I’m fully bilingual. In a few weeks I have the 3 agent interview. My only question is: would the opinion of an ex wife hurt me since we had a bitter breakup and custody battle? Thank You!

  • Hector


    I am worried about the annual salary for a GS-5 I know there is OT available to work. Does it vary per port of entry. For example does working at an airport allow less OT compared to a Land Port of entry?

  • kris

    Hey guys just a quick question. Does working for the TSA has a TSO count for the GS-7 experience?

  • A Retired ASAC 1811 and former CBPO and BPA

    All, a lot of outdated information relative to the responses on this site, specifically as it relates to the CBPO position. First and unlike when I was an Inspector (titled Officer now) these GS-1895 CBPO positions are NOW fully designated Federal LEO (or what is referred to as 6c position) positions for purposes of retirement benefits, check the federal register. CBPO Officers now have the same FERS federal law enforcement retirement benefits as Border Patrol Agents and Special Agents except that their overtime is not LEAP which is paid to 1811 or AUO which is paid to Border Patrol and fully computed into their overall retirement package (Base salary plus LEAP or AUO computed into retirement earnings). CBP Officers earn a significant amount of overtime which is usually charged to carrier and associate port fees, etc. Unlike Border Patrol or Special Agents not ALL CBPO overtime is computed into their retirement benefits (at least not at the moment) but 30% of their OT earning is in fact computed into their retirement earnings (the total averaged overall salary & OT earnings of their highest 3 consecutive years in federal service). I entered federal law enforcement as a GS-5 in 1980 and relocated across the country having served in all the previously described positions and retired under CSRS at 80% of my average 3 year salary. I can assure you, I had my ups and downs as with any profession of responsibility, and made a lot of friends and had a lot of exciting times and it afforded my travel and memories beyond belief as well as putting two children through college. My federal LEO career afforded me the opportunity to retire at age 54 taking home $300 more a month than what I was taking home just before retirement. When applying for such jobs as a young man or woman you need to consider the long term benefits of this CBPO position (which by the way has come a long way, it is my opinion having served in several agency components and LEO positions that the CBPO Academy is the most academically grueling and upon completion you will be proud of yourself. There will always be naysayers in any job, focus on the positive, focus on the long term and don’t forget the insecurity and threats of not having a real career the private sector afforded. Government service is honorable service, remember that all the malcontents and naysayers will only make you stand out and soar while increasing your opportunities for advancement and enhancing your retirement benefits and salary at an early age, and the security of your future family. What you need to question is what type of LEO do I want to be, their all different, jurisdictions, laws enforced and areas of operation, if you want to be a Police Officer don’t be a CBPO, BPA or Special Agent, Federal Law Enforcement positions and duties vary and that is why a lot of young people become discouraged it is not what they thought it was, if you want to be a Police Officer join a Police Dept (which is how I started out many years ago) Yes, starting out as a GS-5 or 7 is difficult in any federal LEO, think long term! its a starting sacrifice but the rewards will come fast, stay positive and good luck!

    • NV

      Thank you so much for amazing and encouraging speech. It is always an honor to serve The Great United States of American.
      I am going through the hiring process and hopefully I will be able to join the Dynamic Team. But I’m very concerned about my physical ability. I’m 5-3 and 147 lbs, I have been pushing myself through a strenuous exercise program since I am out of shape. I also have a vision problem (near sighted). Please anyone can advise me if i meet the requirements, greatly appreciate and wish all good luck.

  • rob

    Will a class c misdemeanor for disorderly conduct (arguing with friends outside a public place at 3am) keep me from being able to apply?

  • Vince

    Im scheduled to test for CBPO but have a doubt… Unfortunately one of my close relatives is an illegal immigrant, they have lived here since they where around 1 years old and now they are around 25. Basically their entire life. But that doesn’t change the facts… My question is: Will this affect my chances or will this be completely frowned upon. We don’t live together, no major contact only in family reunions or Christmas and birthdays. I was employed by TSA before and I disclosed this information and still managed to land the job. Please advice. Thanks in advance.

    • Ro N

      hey Vince, I am in a similar situation. I was wondering what ended up happening with you application. Please let me know ASAP.

  • JP

    Hi all I’ll be 41yr old this coming October physically fit no criminal record not a veteran but willing to serve. I wish the age limit is 45 yr old.
    Is anyone still applying even there over the age limit?

  • Rod

    I took the test back in 2013 and received NOR on 10/28/2013 with a passing score I then took the physical test 1 on February 2014 and failed due to sickness, I reapplied for the opening and received an ineligible offer on May 2014, my question is why would I be ineligible for the second opening if on the first one I was eligible nothing has changed, can anyone tell me whats going on? Is there a waiting period to reapply? I do see where it states it is good for one year I am confused.

  • JJ

    Passed the first few exams for cbpo and on my way to the interview. I have a really big question, what’s the difference between border patrol and customs border patrol? Also, just how dangerous is cbpo at an airport? Thanks y’all! Great forum here.

  • Stanley

    I’ve completed the Polygraph successfully but haven’t heard from CBP in 2 months. The examiner told me that an investigator will contact me but no one did as yet. Any idea how long I have to wait?

  • Crystal

    Hi I just applied for a border patrol position. They were offering a couple of days ago for just females. I was able to complete everything they were asking for but now I logged in to check the status of my application but it’s asking now for me for a external assessment.. What I’d that or what can I do to complete it cause it’s giving me a date to complete it to complete my application??

  • Joe Martinez

    If I accepted Ag Specialist position at port in Arizona is it possible to transfer to another port in Texas. If so what is the process for that or do I have to wait a certain amount of time before requesting the transfer?

  • K.M

    I am currently on the hiring process but just found out i am 5 months pregnant. Can i be disqualified?

  • H. L.

    I would like to work for SENTRI CBP offices, is there an age requirement? I am currently 38 years old

  • Charlie

    So i am in the background check of the hiring process. There is a question on there that asks what are my parents legal status in the country. They are undocumented. With that being said, what will the border patrol do when they have to interview them? Are they going to take them away?

  • Sami

    Is it true that if you have family at mexico you can’t become a CBP unless its around Canada’s borders?

  • Evan

    I received this today im not sure if i passed. I didn’t show my score.

    Eligibility Expires:

    This is your official Notice of Results for the CBP Officer Entrance Examination. You have received a passing score as indicated below

    under rating. This is not a job offer. A valid passing test score does not guarantee selection. You will be considered for vacancies based

    on agency need for the geographic location you selected.

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