Criminal Justice Associates Degree Online

A Criminal Justice Associates Degree Online can open doors to exciting academic and career options down the line. If you are considering Law Enforcement as a career path, then the colleges and universities below may help you pick the right online Criminal Justice Associate Degree program:

More associate degree level criminal justice schools:

More schools will be added as they emerge.

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  • ashley

    How about ITT Tech? I am signing the paperwork now on it, but am debating, is it the best school for that course for me?? Im doing the online program..

    • Radek M. Gadek

      I personally would not attend ITT Tech. Three reasons why:

      1. The school is not regionally accredited (search for “accreditation” to find out more).
      2. Its name doesn’t have a good rapport with academic institutions and certain (not all) employers
      3. Credits are non-transferable to most colleges or universities. Basically, if you wanted to continue your studies elsewhere, your diploma and/or credits would be heavily scrutinized / not accepted (more often due to accreditation, than the name.)

      • charlene lawrence

        Everyone is told that SOME credits are not transferable to most colleges and universities, but there are some good things about ITT Tech like the teachers have been in the field that they teach and some are still working in that field so you get hands training. I know someone who transferred to ITT Tech from a university because of the teachers.

        • Radek M. Gadek

          I can’t bash ITT Tech, because I have friends who have great careers thanks to the school. However, the college accreditation issue still lies there.

          A quick background story: My friend wanted to apply into a prestigious program at a great school, but he was getting so much beef from ALL the schools he applied to (denial letters), despite him being a marvel in his field. He got into one of the schools he wanted, and his professor, who was also on the admissions committee, told him that if it wasn’t for the experience and the employer (huge firm) / ITT professor letters of recommendation, that he wouldn’t stand a chance based on the accreditation of the school and the school name alone.

          This is not representative of what will happen to most, as I feel that most will have a tough time getting into a fairly decent grad school program by attending schools that are not regionally accredited. I speak with professors on these and other issues, but most importantly I talk to the students who at the time of being so hasty about getting into school didn’t think / were not aware that the next 4 years will negatively affect their chances of further (quality) education — especially at schools they desire to go to, rather than school choice they would be left to pick from.

    • Juliana Zepeda

      hey i am attending itt tech now and is been working out fine for me i think that you should go for it classes are smaller and instructors are great

  • ShaMiya

    Hey I need help deciding on my career for college. I want to go to college to be a detective but I dont know what colleges is best for me. I was wondering if somebody could help me.

  • maria

    hey, iam in 1st year of psychology in greece BCA COLLEGE and i wanted to know if i can work in USA, in victimology:criminal justice? or can i have informations about universities becouse i am very confused about greece they don’t help us to find what we want..thnx :)

  • Misty

    Hey Im a junior in high school looking for scholarships and grants. I was hoping somebody could help me out. I have no idea where to begin looking for scholarships and grants! Any ideas where I can start?

    • Rosy

      To find scholarships you could go to Give your information and they will send you the scholarships that best suits you

  • Dave Del Monte

    Everest? Ya or NA on the Law Enforcement Criminal Justice AS program? How tough is it to be a police officer these days? They make it seem like an entire another school all in itself

    • Jillian

      I’m currently a student at Everest University for the A.S. Criminal Justice program. It is a wonderful program. I tried attending a community college in my area, but the professors couldn’t grasp my interest. I only lasted about 3 months there. I started at everest in november of 2010, and absolutely love it. In fact, I’m about to graduate in a couple of months. I highly recommend Everest’s CJ program. Hope this helps!

      • joanna

        Im also looking to attend Everest College for Criminal justice, in how long will I earn my associates degree in criminal justice here?

  • galilea

    hey, i just graduated from high school and am looking to get my associates in criminal justice but am looking for the best on line program whick one can i goo plz help me!!!

  • Jacqueline Sullivan

    Hello I am currently attending Central New Mexico Community College and I am hoping to transfer to UNM. Do you know anything about UNM and would you think it would be a good option for me? I live in Albuquerque NM. I’m wanting to get a degree in Criminal justice and to do possibly FBI or something that’s very involved “in the field”. And would an associates degree work or should I get a four year? Thank you very much!

    • Radek M. Gadek

      University of New Mexico is a good to very good school depending on the degree choice. One of the best aspects is the in-state tuition. I’m not too sure how their CJ program ranks or if they even have one.

      FBI requires a 4-year, or a Bachelor’s, degree. As opposed to that, many police departments require only high school education or an Associate’s degree or it’s equivalent (aka 60 semester / 90 quarter credit hours).

      • Jacqueline Sullivan

        Thank you so much for your help!!

  • Kelvon

    I’m in the army working on my associate in Criminal Justice degree How easy would it be to get on a police dept. in tx once I retire from the army?

  • Nicole

    Hi!! I have a wonderful job in the cj field but I am looking to do something different. What can I do to get a great job at an agency without going to an “academy” persay? Ideas?

  • Patricia Fenn

    Ocean County College ONLINE offers fully accredited AAS Criminal Justice and AAS Homeland security degrees on line:

  • David

    I’m looking for a school which can offer me A.S. Criminal Justice, My choice of career I’m looking for is Fish & Game Warden. Cant seem to find the college which is accredited. I need all the information I can get. I live in California San Bernardino County. If anyone can help would appreciate it. Thanks

  • Sorcery

    Im a junior in high school am looking for colleges to study criminal justice, to become a NY cop but i cant find any. Any recomendations would help thx.

  • Cody Holmes

    I need help trying to become a police officer. Is an associates degree good enough? Is there anyone I can just email to get assistance? Please help?

  • Angela

    Do you have a list of good schools for degrees in Forensic Science? I am more interested in becoming a CSI, and from what I have read here that is the degree field that would support my goal better than Criminal Justice. Thanks.

    • Radek Gadek

      Not yet. That’s in the pipeline but I don’t have the ETA just yet.

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