Terrorism: Frederick Hacker, Three Types of Terrorists

Frederick Hacker refers to the three types of terrorists. What are the types? How do they apply to the members of terrorists groups?

Frederic Hacker refers to three types of terrorists which are: criminals, crazies, and crusaders.  In Hacker’s frame of thinking criminals are influenced mainly by monetary payoff or vengeance; crazies are thrill junkies based on the promises of a terrorist lifestyle; and crusaders join due to the belief in the same ideology as the group of terrorists shares.  It is also important to understand that these three categories “(…) are not mutually exclusive; any terrorist group may contain any or all three of these personality types” (White, 2006, p. 13).


White, J.R. (2006). Terrorism and Homeland Security. (5th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson-Wadsworth.

A short paragraph from a lengthy Criminal Justice paper for the Terrorism course.

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