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Originally, the true intent of this blog was to cover online criminal justice degree program information and pertinent resources. However, over some time, Criminal Justice Degree, College, and Career Blog started to transform into a guide for anyone looking for criminal justice colleges, program types, courses, and career information – no matter if they wanted to attend college online or on-campus.

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Radek, I’m wondering what jobs can I get with a criminal justice degree? Specifically, Associate’s or Bachelor’s criminal justice degree jobs. What Can You Do with a Criminal Justice Degree? There are quite a few jobs available for those with a criminal justice degree. Careers in criminal justice, ranging from local Police Officers to Sheriff’s [...]

Reader emails and comments: Radek, what about best criminal justice schools in Texas? I guess it’s time to start messing with Texas… Texas has some of the best schools in America, and it certainly has a share of best Criminal Justice schools in the United States. Texas, being as big as it is, has quite [...]

I’m wondering if I can become a Police Officer with a DWI? DUI? OVI? OUI? DUID?– 27 emails and comments later, time to write this post… The answer to whether you can be a law enforcement officer with a DWI or DUI hinges on many factors. First, let’s quickly go over the meaning of each [...]

I get this question a lot: how long does it take to get a Criminology degree? Truthfully, that depends on which degree level you want to pursue. Is it an Associates, a Bachelors, a Masters, or a PhD in Criminology? Are you taking Criminology at a traditional campus university or college? Or, is the Criminology [...]

Email from some of my blog readers: Hi Radek, what are the best criminal justice schools in Arizona? To those thinking about attending college in Arizona, it should come as no surprise that AZ has truly wonderful universities. Arizona has schools that are ranked as some of the best in the country in many disciplines, [...]

What are the top criminal justice schools in America? It’s a question I get in my mailbox at least once a week. The truth is, it’s not University of Phoenix, Everest College, or Westwood College as you probably found other sites claiming a list of “10 Best Criminal Justice Schools” to be. Come on! Here’s [...]

Email from many many readers: Hey Radek, I think it goes without saying, what are the best criminal justice schools in California? Quit holding out on us. I’m not holding out. Really, I’m not. You would think that California has the best Criminal Justice schools in the United States, but the truth is not that [...]

Is a Criminal Justice Degree a requirement if you want to work in law enforcement? Several years ago, when I first started researching law enforcement careers, I was under the impression that a criminal justice degree is a mandatory requirement. Heck, I thought any 4-year degree had to be a mandatory accomplishment. After countless hours [...]

Three common questions from many blog readers: Is a criminal justice degree hard? Is criminal justice a hard major? Is criminal justice hard? These 3 questions lead to a compounded one: is a criminal justice degree major hard to complete? The answer… I personally think that a criminal justice degree is a fairly straight-forward major. [...]

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