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Originally, the true intent of this blog was to cover online criminal justice degree program information and pertinent resources. However, over some time, Criminal Justice Degree, College, and Career Blog started to transform into a guide for anyone looking for criminal justice colleges, program types, courses, and career information – no matter if they wanted to attend college online or on-campus.

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In the off-line and online arena not all criminal justice schools are created equally. There is no mystical formula that brought me to this assertion, but there are hard facts that stood the test of time, especially when it comes to online education. You see, there are academic institutions out there that are very for-profit. [...]

University of Cincinnati is offering a 12 month masters program in Criminal Justice, entirely online. It is a groundbreaking step in online academics to provide a superb level of education in about one year’s time. This one year Criminal Justice program online is not for the faint-hearted and will push you to your limits. It [...]

One of my readers asked me a very good question: can I change my Criminal Justice program to something else? That reader specifically wanted to know that if he started a Criminal Justice degree program online that he would be able to switch his degree choice to something else, like: Business or Nursing. This question [...]

University and college accreditation offering Criminal Justice degree programs online, or at a traditional campus, is one of the most important steps in your research of universities and colleges. Don’t take take this step lightly, as it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars and your precious time. Your hard earned diploma may be [...]

I attended Boston University while completing my Masters in Criminal Justice Online. I certainly enjoyed the educational journey and I am proud of my achievements. My name is Radek M. Gadek and I am an advocate of online education through highly competitive academic environments, like BU. My online study started much sooner than Boston University [...]

Criminal Justice online courses may vary by the degree level of your program. Those embarking on a quest to obtain a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice have much different requirements than those who pursue masters or doctorate criminal justice programs. When I went to Boston University for my masters I had a phenomenal time, because [...]

The question of how many criminal justice classes do I take at one time while studying online is answered in three distinctive ways. Each way is designed for the student to successfully complete their criminal justice degree online usually based on the level of program one is taking. Masters & Doctorate Level Criminal Justice Classes [...]

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