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If you are planning on completing a bachelor degree in criminal justice then you might be asking yourself what is the difference between a BA or a BS degree. These two acronyms have commonalities and differences that you should know about. BA stands for Bachelor of Arts, while BS stands for Bachelor of Science. For [...]

The Viano Model for journalistic mistreatment of crime victims is used throughout this post. Ernesto and Quincy stories are closely examined. Ernesto Story The child victim portrayed in this news clip was shown multiple times.  This directly violates the child’s sense of privacy and is associated with the ignoring the victims’ and survivors’ wishes regarding [...]

What are the advantages of using terrorism typologies? What are they and how are they currently helping in counterterrorism? Terrorism typologies are useful in discerning the intricacies of terrorist groups.  Typologies are set in place to better understand terrorist activities and are more comprehensive than the standard definitions of terrorism.  A typology allows for a [...]

Frederick Hacker refers to the three types of terrorists. What are the types? How do they apply to the members of terrorists groups? Frederic Hacker refers to three types of terrorists which are: criminals, crazies, and crusaders.  In Hacker’s frame of thinking criminals are influenced mainly by monetary payoff or vengeance; crazies are thrill junkies [...]

What is the argument about the size of terrorist groups, and what is its importance as it applies to terrorism? Who is the major contributor to this argument? Are there examples? Ted Robert Gurr is the major contributor to the argument about the size of terrorist groups and its application to terrorism.  Gurr orchestrated an [...]

Is crime an inescapable, social phenomenon in the U.S. today? Why? I think that crime is an inescapable social phenomenon in the U.S. today.  Although this concept is more evident in urban areas, the same rules apply to all geographic locations.  Crime continues to thrive in virtually any setting, including the virtual world (no pun [...]

Rehabilitation versus Punishment – Table.  Punishment within the Adult Justice will be referred to as incarceration in order to keep the topic spectrum narrow. Rehabilitation gives one a chance to learn about his/her debilitating problems and offers for one to learn how to change their behavior in order to not commit crime. Incarceration (punishment) puts [...]

If you have ever considered a career as a federal agent, or at least had some interest in it, a criminal justice education will definitely get you in the door. A federal agent works nationwide and even internationally to enforce federal laws. Additionally, a federal agent is usually employed at one federal agency, although inter-agency [...]

What change or changes would you make to the American Judicial System today to improve its overall functioning? In order to improve the overall functioning of the American Judicial System I would like to make definite changes in the way it is operated.  One such change would be to fully network the judicial system with [...]

The name of the main terrorist in this TERRORIST PROFILE is fictitious.  Certain dates, places, names, and other information may have been customized to fit the author’s views.  The blueprint for the profile was furnished by: Emergency Response and Research Institute (ERRI). KARIM ABDUL SHATHEF a.k.a. Samir Basim, Abi Zan Dabul, Josef Zachar, Tarni Jumari. [...]

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