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What High School classes are needed to get into a Criminal Justice college or university degree program? If you are planning on a Criminal Justice degree in college than you may want to consider taking specific classes while still in high school. But I know, and so do the colleges and universities nationwide, that 99.9% [...]

Are you planning on taking on an associates degree in Criminal Justice? If you are, then you might want to know the difference between an AA or an AS degree. AA stands for Associate of Arts, while AS stands for Associate of Science. Mostly, both the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degrees [...]

If you are thinking about going to Law School you may wonder how long does it take to get a Law Degree? Well, that all depends on how long do you want to be in Law School. Joking aside, here are the details. Bachelor what? First things first, you must obtain a bachelor degree. Granted [...]

The four force multipliers listed by J.R. White’s book have all been evidently giving strength to terrorist organizations. Technology, transnational support, media, and religion compose the force multipliers.  If I was in charge of the budget that was to be used in the fight against terrorism I would allocate the most funds to the transnational [...]

I get this question a lot: how much do U.S. Marshals make? This question is in relation to a Deputy Marshal pay rate and entry requirements. Enjoy! The salaries stated below are only an approximation. The actual salary is determined by the geographic location in which a U.S. Marshal would be employed, a.k.a. Locality Pay [...]

In your estimation, what is the current level of terrorist threat to the United States involving technology, and based on your response, what are some of the measures you would incorporate to guard against such a threat? Do they represent a significantly different strategy from that of Discussion 1? Why or why not? In my [...]

If you are looking for the best PhD & Doctorate Criminal Justice Schools and Programs then the Criminal Justice Online Blog is the best place to find them. Doctoral degrees in Criminal Justice & Criminology are available both online and off. Even though I tend to focus on online programs, I strongly feel that a [...]

I get this question a lot: how long does it take to get a degree in Criminal Justice? Well, that all depends on which degree level you are thinking of conquering. Is it an Associates, a Bachelors, a Masters, or a PhD? Are you taking this degree at a traditional college / university campus? Or, [...]

Indeed, there are careers in law enforcement and in the criminal justice field for disabled individuals. I am acquainted with more than a few physically challenged folks employed in law enforcement and criminal justice professions. A number of them have unrivaled skills and can do things within their area of expertise that I probably couldn’t [...]

Are online degrees accepted in law enforcement careers / jobs? The simple answer is: YES! But, there’s more… Why would you ask that question? I know the answer to this one, too… If you are worried, please read the About Criminal Justice Online page — first. Online colleges and universities, especially those that have traditional [...]

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