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Some of you may know that majority of the popular federal careers like DEA, FBI, ICE, and U.S. Marshal Service require college education. But did you know that one of the best drug enforcement agencies in the world favors applicants for the DEA Special Agent position who possess a Criminal Justice degree. Yes, it’s true! [...]

Another question gets answered on Criminal Justice Online: how long does it take to get a Homeland Security degree? Well, that all depends on which degree level you are asking about. Is it an Associates, a Bachelors, a Masters, or a PhD? Are you taking this degree at a traditional campus or is the Homeland [...]

I know first hand how daunting the cost of college education can be. So, saving every dollar on your college education can mean a lot to your bottom line. Here are some helpful ways for every college student to help cut college costs – no matter if you are gearing towards the criminal justice field, [...]

For many Americans the thought of financing their college education seems to bring out the worst in them. Unfounded stereotypes supporting the idea of future financial woes stop some from attending college and improving their overall quality of life. Luckily for you, if you are planning to, or already are, working in public service you [...]

Many of the people who consider an online criminal justice program wonder exactly what it is they will be able to do after earning their degree. The truth is that there is no exact answer. Criminal justice is a very broad field with a wide range of job opportunities. Grads can find themselves working against [...]

I got another interesting question from one of my readers: Can I receive a Masters degree in Criminal Justice from a Community College (CC)? With 99.9% certainty, I can only say: “NO” Why not? – Majority of Community Colleges in the U.S. are accredited to provide college courses, certificate programs, and degrees up to the [...]

I got another email today asking for help with a very tricky question. Mark from Minnesota asked me: what’s the difference between Criminal Justice and Criminology? He says he hears it used interchangeably and feels that there is an actual difference. Mark’s right, there sure is. Criminal Justice vs. Criminology Conventionally, Criminal Justice refers to [...]

So you have a degree in Criminal Justice, but your true intentions are to become a teacher, or you’re just not sure and want to find out anyway. To be honest, the answer is not easy and certain factors must be taken into consideration. So, let’s get to it. I have an Associate Degree in [...]

So you went on Google, Yahoo, or MSN and searched for “Criminal Justice Degree,” “Criminal Justice Programs,” or “Criminal Justice Schools.” You got the results, and based on the first one to three pages, you saw “Online Criminal Justice” in the title or you were taken to a website that claimed to offer all the [...]

I recently got an email from one of my loyal readers who told me “I don’t know what degree major to take on in college. I like the Criminal Justice field, but I don’t know if that’s what I want to pursue academically. Please Help.” I chuckled a little bit and started going back in [...]

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