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If you are looking to expand your criminal justice education, or are in need of that much-needed promotion, a criminal justice certificate course may not be enough. If you have been immersed in the criminal justice work environment for quite some time, like law enforcement, you have probably noticed that your rookie counterparts are starting [...]

What would be some of the reasons that profiles of typically high-risk crime victims so closely resemble profiles of crime perpetrators? Some of the reasons that profiles of typically high-risk crime victims so closely resemble profiles of crime perpetrators have lots to do with the environment.  Every person has been brought up in and now [...]

The juvenile justice system and the adult justice system share their commonalities and differences.  For example, the juvenile justice system makes it the point to rehabilitate instead of punishing juvenile delinquents.  However, one must take into consideration that punishment is still a feasible concept within the juvenile system, but it is used prudently as a [...]

The definition of social harm is hard to differentiate for many sociologists and criminologists (Maguire & Radosh, 1996).  A lot of debates have arisen on the topic of social harm and the justice system.  As neither a sociologist nor a criminologist, I, as a criminal justice student, have my opinions about justice “being blind” or [...]

A terrorist group may be a small or a large group of members who share the same cause, ideology, or religious belief.  They may be an international group or a domestic group.  Their campaigns may be sponsored via self preservation (autonomy) or via state sponsorship (semi-autonomy).  Members of such a group may be male or [...]

Apolitical Approach to Urban Terrorism Carlos Marighella developed an apolitical approach to urban terrorism within the Brazilian urban landscape.  Under the provisions of his philosophy violence was the foundation of revolution.  White (2006) states Marighella’s The Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla was created to fuel ideological terrorism where “the [terrorists’] purpose was simply to kill [...]

Victimology is a very interesting field of study, still with many uncharted territories (LeClair, 2007).  It is the scientific study of the physical, emotional, and other harm which victims suffer because of crime.  Victimologists are people who are in essence investigators, researchers, and observers of the victimized persons and their connection to the crime (Karmen, [...]

This academic write-up is a part of a Victimology discussion assignment on themes, patterns, victim portrayal and the media. Predetermined news clips of victim portrayal were used for the purposes of completing this assignment. What specific themes can you derive from these TV news clips? How are the victims portrayed? What are their characteristics? How [...]

You might think that criminals and terrorists represent two different types of violent behavior. Some analysts (theorists) agree, but confusion remains. Explain criminal behavior vs. terrorism. Some people think that terrorism and criminal violence is the same type of crime, or that at the very least, they have big commonalities.  However, terrorism is not like [...]

Theodore Kaczynski (a.k.a The Unabomber) was considered as one of the most elusive forces that clandestinely terrorized the American public for nearly two decades.  His targets, although not successfully matched at times, were chosen specifically to represent his message.  His actions may render him a serial killer in the eyes of some; however, I view [...]

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